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The World Of Phaos

   Welcome to the World of Phaos
There are three unique areas of this site. Click on the links below to find out more about each. You can also navigate to the different areas by using the Other Links section on the main menu to the left.

The Mage War

World of Phaos: The Mage War is a massively multiplayer online strategy game based in the World of Phaos. The goal of the game is to grow your empire by managing your locations and conquering new territory. The map expands with each new player that signs up so new locations become available often.

World of Phaos: The Mage War is completely FREE to play, but does run on donations. Credits can be earned in the game either by donating or referring new users. These credits can be used to purchase various resources or abilities in the game.

Click Here to Play World of Phaos: The Mage War

Online RPG

The Online RPG section offers information on the free open source RPG game based in the World of Phaos.

Click Here to Play the World of Phaos RPG


The Library section provides general background information on the World of Phaos.

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