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The World Of Phaos

   Historical Timeline

The First Age:
  • The ancients settled in this world, setup Rune Gates, and teach their ways to the native races.

  • Vampires ally with the orcs and create an entirely new race (the undead) using their dark magic. They then drive the ancients from their lands and begin attacking the humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes.

  • United by the threat of this new enemy the humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes form the Alliance and are able to reclaim their lands.

  • After being defeated by the Alliance, the vampires, orcs, and undead retreat back to their homelands. However a small group of barbarians still believing in the old ways form the Dark and continue sporadic raids on Alliance controlled territories.

  • The ancients remain neutral in this war and band together in an area known now as the Protected Realms. The ancients are able to protect themselves using powerful defensive magic.

    The Age Of Renewal: (Present Day)

  • The Alliance remains strong and trade between these lands grows.

  • The Protected Realms becomea place for all the races to trade and interact with each other in peace and many cities are constucted.

  • The ancients reveal that the Rune Gates can be used to travel to other realms, and not just the homelands of the other known races.

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