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The World Of Phaos

   Getting Started

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New to Phaos? Need help getting started with a new character? Read the following:
  • If you have not created a character yet you must do so before anything else. To create a character goto the Character page.

  • When you die you lose a percentage of your gold and experience. SO BE CAREFUL!

  • The arena uses different combat code then fighting monsters on the map so only fight in the arena if you're feeling lucky...for now.

  • Purchase weapons and armor at the Blacksmith.

  • Use the Trade option on the Explore screen to purchase items from other players. To place an item up for sale go to the Character screen and enter your asking price and who you would like to sell the item to.

  • Blacksmith inventory changes every hour.

  • Goto the Character page to change characters and Equip/Unequip/Sell inventory items.

  • Be sure to use potions after combat to heal yourself.

  • If you have 0 hp and can't travel, just wait, you'll regenerate 1 hp for every five minutes you're logged on.

  • Start and Stop the background music using the buttons located in the left frame.

  • Click on "Fight" next to a player's name in the arena to fight that player.

  • You may only talk with other players in the same location as your character. Any player without a character may also talk to each other.

    Here's some tips from Soul Eater for players that are just getting started....

    1st of all, the best race you can play is a vampire, because is stamina regenerate each time he hit a monster. Believe me, I almost never use the inn in that game.

    2nd, try to choose a class that start with a high defense and attack. Personally, mage and other class aren't quite good right now... Seems like they need more abitilities (ex: mage should be able to learn the spell in place of buying a scroll and only being able to use it once).

    3rd, try to play the dice game in the inn and make around 1400$. Then, depose some in the bank, I suggest around 1000$.

    4th, go around every town you can go and get yourself the best equipment. Believe me, it makes the difference! When I was full equip at lvl1 I had around 35AC, so I suggest you get at least 25AC before taking on a monster.

    5th, now your ready for action! You should look for an arena with some easy monsters (I fighted in Gornak until I reach lvl 5 and i'm lvl7 now). Personnaly I think it's the best spot to fight some easy monster like :

  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Shadow Ghoul
  • Medusa
  • Shade
  • Haunt
  • Rotting Corpse
  • Restless Soul

    Try to fight lvl1 monster...

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